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Central Midwest Appraisal Specialists

Agricultural & Commercial Property Types

Suburban & Rural Markets


We provide a broad range of appraisal services on agricultural and commercial property throughout the Central Midwest. We are actively licensed in Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois and Kansas, and open to work in other parts of the region.

Rural and suburban areas are our primary focus. Property outside of urban developments can be unique and specific. We are skilled in valuing property that doesn't fit into a box.

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Agricultural Appraisals

Vacant/improved farms, grain storage facilities, livestock facilities, farm headquarters, greenhouses, equestrian arenas/stables, rural residential, machinery/equipment, etc.

Commercial Appraisals

Warehouses, dealerships, office buildings, shops/sheds, vacant sites, agri-retail, storage units, car washes, etc.

Unique Appraisals

Mixed use property, partial interests, eminent domain, conservation easements, utility leases (ex. cell tower, wind turbine), proposed construction, historical valuations, etc. 


Our client base is diverse and representative of our market areas. Appraisal methods can be applied to any valuation assignment, regardless of your status as an entity, individual, professional, or institution.

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Are you an individual, trust, asset manager or corporation in need of an appraisal? An appraisal is not a one-size-fits-all product. We will work directly with you to ensure that our appraisal report meets your objectives.

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Are you a financial institution looking to add a qualified vendor to your approved appraiser list? Let us help you serve your borrowers by providing efficient and effective appraisal services. 

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Are you looking to team up with an effective practitioner? As an unbiased third party, we can provide defendable appraisal products, appraisal reviews, or expert witness testimony on a variety of appraisal-related topics. 

Coverage Area

We are located in the Central Midwest region with a variety of experience in rural and suburban market areas. We currently serve five states, with the ability to serve others as needed. 

Targeted sales research is completed in the applicable market area for every assignment. We use a mixture of public and private sources, in addition to our diverse network of market influencers and current sales database.

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Actively servicing all regions within the state. 


Actively servicing the western and southern regions. 


Actively servicing the eastern region within the state.


Actively servicing the southern region within the state. 


Actively servicing the eastern region within the state. 

Cavin Joesting


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Cavin is a certified general appraiser with a diverse background in commercial and agricultural valuation problems. His passion for real estate began early on, as he watched his family purchase and manage agricultural land. Becoming an appraiser was an easy decision and one that has allowed him to find purpose in providing market participants with effective appraisal solutions. 

Cavin is an active member of the ASFMRA and Appraisal Institute. He is currently working towards the MAI and ARA professional designations. 

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